We want our animals to produce at a rate at which is natural for them. Our products are available based on what is being produced. Our off season is Winter and supplies are limited. Thank you for your support and understanding. We love doing this and look forward to sharing with you. 

Our hens are completely free range and are fed local scratch; they forage for bugs and worms. Our chickens are experts at finding any spare grain that might exist. Our girls are exposed to roosters and eggs may be fertilized, we do collect them daily and you won't get any eggs that have developed. Our eggs are white, brown, blue, speckled, green, and more; expect to see a beautiful array when you open up a Pyke's Place Farm carton. 

Our goats and cows forage the land and are fed hay in the winter. Our milking cows and goats are fed an extra few cups of a beet, hay, pellet, corn blend. They love this treat and we think they deserve it for sharing their creamy milk. We have two milking cows and currently milk our Jersey, Daisy. Yes, like the dairy company. haha. In our household we enjoy our raw dairy products and if you are interested in buying some for yourself please check our FAQ page

We freeze some of our milk to make our all natural soap. Making custom soap as event favors or gifts is something we offer. And we are also thrilled to announce our soap Subscription program! 

Check it all our options below!! 

Individual Products

Chicken Eggs | $5/Dozen

Duck Eggs | $7/Dozen

Soap | $7/bar

Soap Subscription

Single Bar | $7

Send us a message to get our Current soap options. 

Custom Pack | $75 for 12 bars

We will help you create you own custom scent. From order time to use time is 2 months. Please keep this in mind if ordering as a gift. 

Quarterly Subscription | $100/year

Every 3 months you will get a variety of soaps that fit the season. Each box will have multiple soaps and bath products. These can be shipped or delivered locally to Walla Walla. 

Farm Experiences

Meet and Greet | $60+

Want to milk a goat? Kiss a cow? Cuddle a kid? Come meet the animals!! This is a 90 minute custom experience for your group. You will get to choose from a variety of activities as seasonally available. This is a great time to make forever memories with your people! While children of all ages are able to meet the animals we have found that kids do best when they are 5 or over, but you know your kids better than we do. The only real requirement is that they are supervised by someone in your group. Contact us today to customize your farm adventure!!

Birthday Party | $300+

Throw your Birthday party here at the farm! This is a 4 hour experience that we will customize to fit your needs. We do have a maximum of 10 cars on our property, so keep that in mind. We will take care of the food, drinks, and hanging your decorations. This is a new experience that we are offering and we look forward to working with you to make this an incredible and memorable event. 

Farm Days | Free+

Several days during our active season we will have Farm Days where we will open up the farm to up to 10 cars to meet the animals and explore the farm. While this is a free event you will have the ability to buy our local products or contribute to our Roof Fund. We also encourage you to bring some non moldy veggies, they are the favorite of our animals.