Current Animals

For Sale

Lambs for Sale 

Ewe-- Kelly

2 Ewe Lamb

Kids for Sale 

Doe -- Raggedy Ann 

2 Bucklings; 1 Doeling

Doe -- Agnes 

1 Doeling

We have Nigerian Dwarves and Alpine Mixes for sale in the spring. 

We also have a Calves coming this spring that will be a Holstein or Jersey Dexter Cross! 

Our Boys

All of our Boys are available for rent. Our Herd is clean tested and you must have documentation of a clean herd as well.  Each of the prices is for a 4 week stay on your property. You are responsible for transport to and from the farm. if you are wanting him delivered or picked up we charge a small transport fee based on your location. 



Nigerian Dwarf Buck 

Blue Eyes


Often has 2-4 kids 



Alpine Buck 



Often has 2 or 3 kids 



Dexter Bull 


Proven with a Jersey and with a Holstein