"Can I come visit the farm whenever?"

-No, We only do visits by appointment EXCEPT for our Free Farm days.

"How do I buy your products?"

-Send us an email and let us know what you'd like and we will end up either mailing it to you or delivering it to you.

"What is Raw Milk?"

-Raw milk is from the animal, filtered, then refrigerated. It was not been treated or heated. This means that it has bacteria in it. We see this bacteria as being good bacteria that helps our digestion and overall health. This is based on what we have seen in ourselves and those we know that are raw milk drinkers.

"Can I buy your Raw Milk?"

-Yes, but we are not legally allowed to sell it for human and/or animal consumption. We promote using our milk to make your own soaps and body lotions. If you decided to consume Raw milk you need to be aware of the risks according to the CDC.